Storage Design Limited Colour Option Click Here Anti-Bacterial Lockers Air Vent, Welded Strengthner, 5 Knuckle Hinge, Active Coat finish. Locker Stands, Locker Room Benches and Seating. Locker Sizes and Options.


Iockers features and options - AIR VENT SYSTEM ON EACH DOOR* ADDITIONAL DOOR PERFORATIONS WELDED INTERNAL DOOR STRENGTHENER* *Door strengthener not needed on some products. Air vent system not available on some products due to small door size.

lockers features and options - NEW locker light ANOTHER BRIGHT IDEA FROM PROBE This triple LED light option will give additional compartment lighting in dimly lit areas. Available at additional cost. - LOCKER SEATS & STAND Lockers are often used in areas where floors need frequent cleaning. Locker Seats & Stands provide maximum floor access. These Seats & Stands are manufactured to suit a particular installation using 25mm square tube. - Two hardwood slats and metal framework form a bench seat in front of the locker, allowing full height access. Complete with adjustable levelling feet. - LOCKER STANDS Stands available to suit any number of lockers, all complete with adjustable levelling feet. Height 150mm. - BENCH SEAT Freestanding Bench Seats are fitted with three hardwood slats. Frames robustly made from 38mm square tube and are offered in lengths of 610mm, 915mm, 1220mm and 1525mm. - ALTERNATIVE RANGE OF ROUND TUBE CLOAKROOM EQUIPMENT SEE CLOAKROOM SECTION


Locker components are manufactured from 0.7mm thick mild steel with the exception of the door and frame, which are 0.9mm. All sizes contained
within this brochure are nominal. We reserve the right to alter specifications without prior consent. Due to the limitations of the printing process, colours pictured may vary slightly from the actual finishes supplied. Probe Lockers shown within this brochure